Dr. Javier Barbero:

Oviedo Efficiency Group

Javier Barbero is Ph.D. in Economics by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. He was awarded the best academic record in undergraduate studies for year 2009/2010. He holds MSc. in International Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2012. He received a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. His research fields are Economic Theory, Spatial Economics, New Economic Geography, Location Theory, Regional and Urban Economics, Econometrics, Networks, and Computational Economics. He participates as a researcher in many different projects. A list of ongoing research can be found in IDEAS and Google Scholar.

Email: jbarberoeco (at) gmail (dot) com

Dr. Jose Luís Zofío:

Professor of Economics

José Luis Zofío is a professor of Economics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and former Chair of the Department of Economics. He is also Visiting Professor at Erasmus University and Wageningen University and Research, and Visiting Fellow to the Erasmus Research Institute of Management ERIM, where he collaborates with several academics from the Rotterdam School of Management. His research interests are related to measurement theory in economics, in particular the use of index numbers for efficiency and productivity analysis, as well as spatial economics and trade theory. From an empirical perspective he undertakes multidisciplinary research, publishing numerous articles in top fields journals and book chapters related to environmental economics, transportation, innovation, and regional science. Finally, he has made several contributions in the field computational economics, with several packages for Matlab and Julia that focus on data envelopment analysis and regression methods. A list of his most relevant publications can be found in IDEAS and Google Scholar.

Email: jose (dot) zofio (at) uam (dot) es